Terms and Conditions

SRI RAMA KRISHNA INTERNATIONAL (SRI) hereby opens up the scope of services on the following terms and conditions in strict adherence to the philosophy, principles and practices of the Trust.

The Trust requires your LEGAL BINDING and MORAL OBLIGATION while furnishing information for the appointment of COUNTRY HEAD and Other Officials at Sri Rama Krishna International to spread its objectives to serve humanity, at large.

Please read the following terms and conditions clearly and carefully before accepting any appointment to serve under the SRI RAMA KRISHNA INTERNATIONAL TRUST.

In case of any queries, feel free to contact us at  www.sriseva.org firsthand so that no error/anomaly could take place- unintentionally, due to doubt or lesser understanding or  at a later stage.


  1. You shall acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the accuracy, completeness and truthfulness of all the information that you provide to us irrespective of any circumstantial cause or unseen events or other motives that could have occurred in the past or present.
  2. Any information which you provide to us shall be complete, truthful and accurate in respect to all legal and sanctified boundaries.
  3. All information shall be furnished by you alone and not by any third party. You couldn’t claim to be misinformed, misleading or unaware after the submission of the said information.
  4. You shall directly notify us with immediate effect if any information you provide cease to exist or not true or else inaccurate factually, on legal grounds or defying other social and moral grounds.
  5. Shall you offered and subsequently accept a position at SRI, you bound to obey all the Rules, Regulations, Ordinances and Statutes of the Trust in Letter and Spirit.
  6. You shall acknowledge this understanding that you are solely responsible to undertake the designated position at trust and not joining under the influence of any individual, group, phenomenon or any other means of dominance.
  7. You possess a genuine track record of strictly no engagement in any unlawful, anti-social or religious activity that interferes or opposes the core values and functioning of neither the respective system of the governance nor with the preamble of the Trust.
  8. Your position/designation shall be complimentary as no financial liability to the trust  and hence, never entitles you to avail any salary, profit, revenue or other financial gains, incentives, gifts or otherwise in kind as SRI is a charitable entity working for the cause of social and cultural welfare as a not-for-profit organization.
  9. As a responsible citizen of your respective State/Country /Region, you shall acknowledge and promise to abide by all the legal, social, moral and other necessary citizen duty protocol and upheld the spirit of the respective constitution of your region.
  10. Since SRI never believe, permit or support any interference, objection, apprehension, criticism or defamation of the constitution and policies of the respective State/ Country/ Region, so shall you promise and ascertain the same. Your commitment shall be to do ONLY lawful endeavours in promoting values and objectives of SRI in your respective area with zeal and passion.
  11. You as an Office-bearer of SRI shall obey trust’s guidelines holistically and shall abide by the decisions of the Management of the SRI RAMA KRISHNA INTERNATIONAL (SRI), in all circumstances and state.
  12. You shall warrant that your actions while performing your duties at the appointed position shall not be motivated by any kind of racial hatred, vulgarity, sexual-orientation, obscene behaviour, threatening or hateful conduct.