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Sri Ramakrishna International offers diverse opportunities to all spiritual minded people to serve the society by becoming the member. Membership empowers applicant to follow the path of religious ideals and lead a pious life of higher principles. Fill the form to submit your application.

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Read Terms and conditions
  1. I hereby declare that all the information given in the application is true, complete and correct. I understand that in the event of any information being found false or incorrect subsequent to allotment of membership, my membership is liable to be cancelled / terminated.
  2.  I further declare that I have not at any time been a member of this organization / applied earlier for membership of the Sri Ramakrishna International.
  3.  I hereby agree, if admitted, to be bound by the Memorandum and Articles of association of the Sri Ramakrishna International. I am aware that, if admitted as an Ordinary Member / Life Member / Patron as per the provisions of the Articles of Association, I shall be liable, in the event of the Sri Ramakrishna International being wound up, to contribute towards its liabilities a sum not exceeding Re. 1/-.
  4.  I confirm having read and understood the rules and regulations of the Sri Ramakrishna International and I hereby agree to abide by the same. In case I am desirous of instituting any legal proceedings against the Sri Ramakrishna International, I hereby agree that such legal proceedings shall be only in courts at Delhi, with in the state of Delhi and not in any other court of law.

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