Open Educational Horizon & Construct Moral Value System

To transform the thinking pattern of the society, introduction of Guru-Shisya Parampara model of Vedic Education combined with modern technology based learning is the only way out. Starting with a World-Class Educational Centre, at Vrindavan, as an ambitious project of Sri Ramakrishna International, we are looking forward to new horizon.

Medical Services - Health Arm Of Society

Everyone has the Right to a standard of living adequate for the health and to celebrate life.  We strive whole-heartedly for the public welfare in the healthcare sector. Health camps in the rural areas, essential health services from routine checkups to chronic conditions, emergencies and life-threatening diseases will be taken care of on priority basis.

Sri Seva Prasadam - To Serve Lord's Prasad

Food is the primary need to sustain life. Scriptures of all religious practices strongly recommend for distribution of ann-kshetra (food) service to satisfy the hunger of the body and soul. Among the donations, this is considered as the best as Prasadam is nothing but the manifestation of Lord Himself!

Save Environment - Save Life

Environment is our oxygen for life. Rapid urbanisation, blind race to exploit natural resources and lack of vision to align with nature is killing our surroundings. So, taking practical measures to Save Environment from destruction is our collective dharma to let future generations breathe and flourish!

Gaushala - Abode Of Nectar

Gaushala is the Mother Cow's abode from where everyone gets boons for the life. Serving Cow is to serve all the Demigods at one place. In return, door of infinite blessings/rewards open for the people who donate generously for the welfare of Cow. Scriptures and Society has enough proofs to establish Cow's worth.

Hands to Save Humanity - Support at the time of Calamities.

The test of Humanity comes at the time of crisis. We have army of volunteers prepared to reach the place of Calamities/Natural disaster and offer much needed support, assistance and resources for the safeguard of people and resources.

Clothing - Dressing The Modesty

Clothes become more than a basic need when save the grace of people. Donors can deposit old clothes in proper order (neat & properly washed) at our counter. These clothes definitely find a human in far-flung tribal areas besides in villages and urban clusters to dress his/her modesty.

SRI Publications, Media

SRI Publications is to offer a path breaking platform to Sanatan Dharam followers in 21st Century - to inform, enquire, question, wrestle, challenge, inspire, encourage and equip, via our range of publications like magazines, newsletter, newspaper, periodicals, books, e-magazines, you tube videos plus other means of print, web, digital and electronic media.

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